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Our school was originally established by the Josephite Sisters in 1917 to serve the catholic families of the far west. St. Joseph’s School exists for the education of children from Prep age (turning 5 years by 30th June) to Year Six and is a co-educational facility still serving the township and surrounding properties of Blackall.

Our school Mission Statement stresses the need for a partnership to be forged between parents and school. If we are to be effective in the education of your child, then we must encourage this cooperative teacher-parent relationship. Education and Catholic Education in particular, is a three-way process of communication involving teacher, child and parent.

As a family school, parents are encouraged to become involved in their child’s education. Our teachers are always willing to discuss your child’s progress, his/her learning needs and any problems that might arise.

Our Mission Statement also emphasizes a child centred education which recognises and respects the needs and talents of each individual, this is paramount to what St. Joseph’s and our patron saint St. Joseph is all about.

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21st October
Back Kobey Fundraiser

22nd October

Pupil Free Day

25th October

Kids Connect - Emerald

26th October

Teachers Day Celebration
Day for Daniel
Year 1/2 Assembly

1st November

All Saints Day

2nd November

All Souls Day
8am Grandparents Day Breakfast
and Liturgy (led by Prep and 1/2)
Mini Joeys 11.30am

5th November

Year 5/6 Camp

12th November

Remembrance Day Liturgy
led by 3/4 8.40am

16th November

8.40am Assembly Prep
Mini Joeys 9am

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